Who’s Your Daddy Video Game Review

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Who’s Your Daddy is an online multiplayer parody simulation video game. The game was created by Joseph Williams and Evil Tortilla Games and originally sought funding through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. It then was approved for the Steam Greenlight program. In this article, we’ll discuss the features and challenges of the game.


The Who’s Your Daddy video game has been around for six years. The concept is simple, and it has a humorous theme. The player controls a father in a virtual world where he must protect his son from danger. The father needs to lock doors, cabinets, and trash cans. He also needs to take special measures if the baby gets sick.

The game centers around a clueless father trying to save his infant son. In order to do this, he must be alert and fast. In addition to avoiding danger, he must perform chores to earn power ups. There are some tasks that require the player to do, including changing the battery in a smoke alarm. The game also features unique challenges that the player must complete.

The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It’s a work-in-progress, so some of its features may change as the game continues development. Still, the core gameplay consists of couch co-op and online multiplayer. While this can get boring, the game’s absurd setup helps alleviate the monotony and adds a sick twist.


In the video game, you will have to help the baby in various ways, from removing toxic substances from the house to feeding it with fruit. You will also need to protect the baby from various hazards, including bleach and flour. You can also help the baby recover from harm by giving him energy pills and fruits.

The Whos Your Daddy video game was released late 2015. It features two characters, a daddy and a baby. Each character has a unique goal. The baby’s objective is to kill himself while the daddy’s goal is to make the baby stay alive. In order to kill the baby, you can use a fork to stick into a power outlet, use a liquid cleaning product, or even plunge into a deep bathtub.

This game is funny and challenging. In addition to taking care of the toddler, you can also burn down the house or steal items from him. However, you should note that it does not match the level of action of the popular GTA: Vice City. However, it has a huge arsenal of weapons for you to use. Some of these weapons include forks, knives, bleach, and soap. The game can make you use any item you want, and you should be prepared to use anything to do so.

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A video game that teaches you how to play as a baby, “Whos Your Daddy” features two different characters: a clueless dad, and a baby. The two characters interact with each other, which keeps the gameplay interesting. It’s possible to play as either a dad or a baby, and both players will have a great time.


Playing a Who’s Your Daddy video game is a great way to bond with your children and show them how much you love them. The game is designed to be easy to learn and is perfect for family gatherings. However, parents should be aware of some issues. These include the clunky controls and occasional lag. The game is also available in a private server, but you need to create your own password in order to play on it.

In Who’s Your Daddy, you get to play as either a baby or a father and a child. You take care of the child and earn various power-ups. Some of these power-ups are beneficial to your child. You can also use your powers such as invisibility and x-ray vision to keep an eye on him. In addition, the game provides you with over 67 different everyday items. The game also features randomized locations and a dynamic sound and music system.

Another benefit of Who’s Your Daddy is that it teaches parents to watch over their children. Children are exposed to various dangers and situations when they are playing video games. A well-supervised video game is a great way to educate parents about these situations. It also gives parents a chance to bond with their kids while they are playing.

The game is also fun. It teaches children about responsibility and how to behave in situations of stress. Parents also learn about how to cope with difficult situations. The Who’s Your Daddy video game is an addictive simulation game that gives parents a chance to interact with their children.


Whos Your Daddy is a 3D home game that features intuitive mechanics and no combat. Its main feature is a baby with a variety of weapons, which include soap, knives, and forks. It also features wacky ragdoll physics and subtle humor. However, it is not perfect.

You can choose to play the game online or locally on a PC. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. This cross-platform availability makes it even more fun. The game also comes with multiple game modes that allow you to customize your experience. This means that you can select a different level of difficulty, or play as both a child and a parent.

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In the game, the baby must be protected from various harm. There are a variety of items that your baby can reach, so you will need to be aware of everything in your house. It is possible for your baby to get bleach, flour, and other harmful substances, so you should take precautions. You can also buy items for your baby, such as fruit and energy pills, to help them heal and stay healthy.

The Whos Your Daddy video game was developed and funded via Kickstarter. The game is the brainchild of Joe Williams. He later formed the studio Evil Tortilla Games, which is responsible for continuing development of the game. The release date of the game was announced as December 23, 2020.


Who’s Your Daddy is a casual multiplayer game in which the player assumes the role of a clueless father trying to save his infant son from death. You can play the game with up to seven friends. The game’s physics are wacky, and it features over 69 potentially ominous household items.

To start playing, you need a computer with a Windows operating system. This is because other operating systems won’t be able to run Who’s Your Daddy. If you’re using a non-Windows operating system, you should switch to Windows or look for an alternative version of the game.

The game is Windows 11 compatible. It’s also compatible with Steam, an online video game store. There are many games available on Steam, including Who’s Your Daddy. As a video game for two players, it’s easy to pick up and play, with controls that are simple to use. It’s a good choice for those who want a fun game to play without the need for complex hardware.

Players have to work together in order to save the baby. Some objects need to be moved out of the baby’s path, while others need to be used to childproof the home. Batteries and bleach are lying around the house, and the glass dining table is ripe for smashing. The family car crashes into the garage wall, but Daddy can help save the baby by feeding him fruits that will help him heal. He can also provide energy pills to keep the baby healthy.

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