The Best Dirty Bomb Merc

The Best Dirty Bomb Merc

Dirty Bomb is a shooter game with mercenary gameplay. It has been described as a mix of Battlefield and Team Fortress 2. It is developed by Splash Damage and was inspired by Brink, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and Counter-Strike. The gameplay adheres to Bushnell’s Law and is similar to the gameplay in these games. There are currently over 13,000 players on the game at any one time.


The best dirty bomb merc in the game is probably Fragger. With a three-second fuse and the ability to bounce off walls, Fragger is a guaranteed room-clearing machine. He is also an expert crowd-controller and has the ability to soften multiple opponents with a single throw. While his stats are similar to other popular characters, such as Arty and Skyhammer, Fragger’s unique set of abilities make him stand out among other mercs in the game.

If you’re a fan of team-based games, you’ll enjoy Dirty Bomb’s fast-paced gameplay and varied roster of Mercs. However, you’ll be up against a tough challenge, and the game isn’t designed to handhold players. It will more than likely kick them in the teeth rather than hold them. Despite this, the game is a free-to-play shooter that has a lot to offer players.

Fragger is a highly versatile merc with a high-level of aggression. His frag grenades explode after a short fuse, dealing 170 damage over a 32-cm area. He also counts down the fuse in his hand, which is useful for clearing rooms and flushing out enemies.


The Dirty Bomb game is a class-based shooter, and there are several different Merc classes. Each character has its own play style, and you can choose a specific one by playing as a specific one. The default Merc in the game is Arty, a support role with a slow-firing semi-automatic rifle.

You can play as up to three different Mercs, but you can only have three of them at a time. The game has a respawn system, so if you die in a match, you respawn as another one. Each character has a main weapon, secondary weapon, and two different abilities.

The game’s visual style is clean and appealing. Characters are heavier than their lighter counterparts, so they sprint faster, dodge better, and jump higher. Although some weapons don’t have the same impact as other weapons, the game maintains a good balance between characters and weapons. Snipers don’t seem overpowered despite their one-shot kills.

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The Dirty Bomb merc is one of the most popular types in the game, and it is easy to see why. This type of merc focuses on objective play, and with the right teamwork, can change the momentum of a map. The best play style for this type of merc is against other teams of equal skill. It is particularly satisfying to break open a map objective with your team.

If you are new to the game, you may want to start with Vassili. He has some unique traits, including infrared goggles, smoke grenades, and a heartbeat sensor. He also has a red marker over the head of his targets, which makes him particularly useful for prefiring enemies. Compared to Vassili, Crotzni has good damage and fast fire rate, but has recently been nerfed. Alternatively, you can try using an SMG-9, which is more accurate, has less spray, and has lower recoil.

The first name Vassili is a reference to a WWII Soviet sniper. It also seems that his Founder card shows him wearing a desert turban and a straw gillie suit. In the Scrubs trailer, he is shown firing a semi-auto sniper rifle and a PDP-70. The second name Vassili has is “Vassil”, which means “Vassili”. He is a great choice for dirty bomb missions, and it is easy to see why Vassili is the best dirty bomb merch.

Although the game is focused on teamwork and competitive multiplayer action, players should also try playing as a support Merc. This class can help you survive missions even if you are not the best shooter. He also helps you feel superior to other players.


Dirty Bomb is a shooter with a mercenary style. The game features multiple mercs with a wide range of abilities. You can play as an assault merc, medic, or engineer. There are also free medics in the game, including Aura.

Sawbonez is a highly versatile merc with an effective range of attacks and a high healing capacity. He’s one of the best support mercs in the game, and combines good firepower with great healing efficiency. The triage he provides is the easiest to use, and he can use his defibrillator to quickly zap downed comrades back into action.

If you are looking for a free to play shooter with a fun, fast-paced action game, Dirty Bomb is the way to go. Although this game has some elements of pay-to-win business models, you can still build a solid team of Mercs without spending a lot of money. The game is a blast to play, and the team-based gameplay encourages you to work together.

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The movement system in Dirty Bomb is fluid, making it easy to move around and get into tight places. However, you must always be careful while jumping. It can decrease your accuracy and make your enemies hate you more. In addition, most weapons are very accurate. You should not aim your shotgun at your enemies’ heads, and make sure to keep it in a safe place if you can.

The game also features a premium component. Some Mercs can be purchased for 30,000 to 50,000 in-game currency. Depending on which one you choose, the cost of these mercs can vary. You can also use Credit Boosters to multiply the number of credits you earn while active.


The new beta update for Dirty Bomb adds several new features and fixes, including the new character Bushwhacker. This dirty bomb merc is all about turrets and has a few team-play tools. He can also be killed by his own turret.

There are three main ways to improve the Bushwhacker’s attack and defense. First, you can invest in some turrets, which will slow down the game. Second, you can place turrets on your side routes, which gives you more protection from enemies. Third, you can buy up to three augments on one card.

Dirty Bomb has a unique gameplay mechanic that encourages team play. The mercs can be equipped with heartbeat sensors, which will help you detect your enemy’s location. Another way to improve your game is to purchase a support merc. Support Mercs are designed for players who may not be the best shooters. They can still get the job done by supporting their team, even if they don’t have a high kill-to-death ratio.

The Mercs are also equipped with laser sights, which will allow them to hit the enemy from a distance. They also have a last-chance hit point, meaning that they cannot miss. Players who are incapacitated have one health bar less than the rest of the team.

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