Rise of the Samurai Shogun 2

Rise of the Samurai Shogun 2

Rise of the Samurai Shogun 2 is an action-packed role-playing game from the popular shogun series. It features a wide variety of units and new character types. This installment also introduces four new agent types. These include Shirabyoshi who use the art of seduction to distract enemy armies, Junsatsushi who use their persuasive powers to gain the allegiance of towns. It also features a brand-new historical battle, the Anegawa battle, which takes place in the year 1570.


As the name suggests, Rise of the Samurai is a strategy game about the rise of the Japanese Samurai. It is set in the late 12th century, at the height of the Genpei War, which led to the collapse of the Chinese-influenced Imperial Court, the rise of the first shogunate, and the emergence of the Samurai class as a dominant class in Japanese society.

Players can choose from one of nine different clans in Rise of the Samurai Shogun 2. Each clan has unique strengths and weaknesses in certain areas. For example, the Chosokabe clan, which inhabits the Tosa Province, has an advantage in recruiting no-dachi samurai, which are a valuable source of income for the clan. The Date clan, meanwhile, controls the Iwate province and can recruit superior bowmen. In addition, the Hojo clan, which controls Izu, Sagami, and Aki Provinces, has a distinct advantage in castle construction.

While each faction has unique strengths, the two major factions are largely similar. While the Obama clan is a powerful Shogunate clan, it is not as powerful as the other. Despite this, it is more effective in sieges and has lower upkeep for its armies. It also benefits from trade with Western powers and improved growth from industrial buildings.

The game features a campaign mode for single-player and multiplayer versus mode. The single-player campaign is divided into several levels. Players can choose to join multiple clans and battle for supremacy. As the leader of a clan, you will be able to control its movement through different turns and engage in real-time battles against the other factions.

Research trees

Research trees in Rise of the Samurai: Shogun 2 can offer useful advantages and help shape the campaign and gameplay. The research trees in Shogun 2 include arts, technology, and military, which can be helpful for acquiring new units and buildings. However, they take a long time to complete.

Choosing the right research trees for your faction is important. While you can specialize in one area or focus on multiple branches, it is best to choose a rounded approach. This will allow you to use different strategies, but you will also have to sacrifice powerful bonuses. The goal should be to tailor research to the situation and future goals. For example, if you’re a Christian faction, you should focus heavily on Chi’s religious arts.

Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a research tree in Rise of the Samurai Shogun II is to make the right choice. The game features the influence mechanic of the first game, but the mechanic is a bit different in Rise of the Samurai Shogun 2. In the game, you can decide whether you want to be part of the Shogunate or the Imperial faction, and decide whether to make the vanguard or form an independent republic.

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As with any faction, choosing the right one will make the difference between a win and a loss. There are bonuses for common units and a few faction-specific units. Most of these are unlocked through resources, buildings, and research. While some units require research to unlock, others can be used without it. By choosing the right one, you can focus on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

The research trees in Rise of the Samurai Sho gungun 2 are multi-branch. The first two tiers allow you to recruit Ashigaru units, which can help you get better armies. The third tier allows you to unlock Matchlock Samurai.


Clans are the associated retainers and noble families of feudal Japan. Each clan has unique traits and military specialties. Players can choose to be from one of these clans or join one of the many other clans in the game. There are many different clans in Rise of the Samurai Shogan 2, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Clans in Rise of the Samuraoshigun 2 are played against each other, with the main clans fighting for control of the re-regioned Japan map. Players can choose to join one of the three main clans or join one of the minor clans. If you decide to join one of the major clans, you’ll need a good amount of respect to get a good start. You can use agents to support your clan, and this will increase your influence.

One of the most powerful clans in the game is the Oda. The Oda’s Initial Challenge pits them against three other clans and ends once Oda captures Mino. Their ashigaru have lower upkeep and higher combat capabilities. You can also buy DLC ashigaru, such as the Oda Long Yari Ashigaru, which is a great weapon against smaller numbers of enemy samruai.

The Shogun 2 demo features a wide range of new content. It adds a warrior monk clan, and a new technology tree. There’s also a new historical battle and new Ikko-Ikki armours. You can also acquire new retainers for the Avatar Conquest mode.

The Christian faction is another faction that is a great choice for players looking to improve their unit quality. They have superior matchlock units, and the unique Long Yari unit allows you to perform both pike and shot techniques. In addition to this, they will benefit from the Strategic of Defence bonuses for spear and bow units. They also tend to focus on economics, as they have a port and fertile province.

New units

Rise of the Samurai Shogun 2 is a turn-based strategy game that features new historical content and new units. It features three new families and six playable clans, along with 16 new land units and 10 new naval units. It also introduces four new agent types, and four new Hero units. These include Naginata Warrior Monks, Tetsubo Warrior Monks, Mounted Samurai, and Onna Bushi Heroines.

The new campaign mode features a Realm Divide that’s unique to the series. The player must capture enough territories to trigger it and also capture the capital city of Kyoto. In addition, the Realm Divide will show you how close you are to achieving a goal. The demo also contains a campaign tutorial and the historical Battle of Sekigahara. There’s also an extensive game encyclopedia.

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The new Ashigaru spearmen are a great addition to the game. Their style is different from the traditional Ashigaru spearmen, who were more dispersed and focused on individual fighting. However, these new units will help you achieve personal glory in the game.

The player can use a new Foreign Veteran to help their cause. This agent will help them to recruit more soldiers in provinces and reduce upkeep costs. He can also use his persuasive skills to convert people to their cause. In addition, the Foreign Veteran can also be used as a military advisor, which helps them to recruit more soldiers.

Another new addition to the game is the Genpei War campaign. It takes place in the 12th century, when Japan was still underdeveloped. The new campaign will add new units and buildings, as well as new technologies and agents. Genpei War is a very different type of campaign than the previous game.

Genpei War

This expansion for Rise of the Samurai Shogun 2 introduces 16 new land units and a simplified unit type, the Foot Samurai. This versatile unit uses both a sword and bow to take down your opponents. You will also find 10 new naval units, each with 3 unique special abilities. In addition, you will also find four new hero units, including the white-faced Onna Bushi Heroine, a cavalry unit that specialises in melee.

The campaign in Rise of the Samurai Shogun 2 revolves around the Genpei War, which took place in the late 12th century. The war led to the creation of the first Shogunate and the dominance of the Samurai class in Japanese society.

As with the original, the game’s research trees have been updated to match the time period. While this means that samurai will no longer be able to develop firearms or catapults, the new research trees will grant you upgrades for sword-carrying units.

The new factions have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, the No-Dachi Samurai have a higher charge bonus and are more resistant to bullets. The Bulletproof Samurai will be tougher than normal spear units, but they require a little less strategy to master. You will also find new buildings, units, and skill trees.

The naval unit progression is fairly straightforward, but it is important to note that having a strong navies is not necessary for campaign victory. The first two tiers offer traditional style vessels, including bow-armed troops and defensive vessels. Later, you will unlock guns and artillery through the naval building chain. In the third tier, you will also unlock the fast medium ship Sengoku Bune and matchlock-armed Siege Tower Bune.

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