Guild Wars 2 Gem Store Sale

Guild Wars 2 Gem Store Sale

In Guild Wars 2, you can often get great deals on the gem store, especially on rare items. These items include transmutation charges, bank tab expansions, and Combos. However, when a gem store sale is not happening, you might not be able to purchase them, and you may have to wait for a couple of months before they are available again.


When it comes to saving money in Guild Wars 2, there are a number of things to look for in the new spring inventory. Combos are offers that include more than one item, usually at a reduced price. The Gem Store also has a section for items that have been temporarily unavailable or discontinued, which you can purchase for a reduced price. When the time is up, these items will return to their normal prices or be removed from the store altogether.

The GW2 gem store sells a range of items, from cosmetics to useful utilities. It is advisable to prioritize utilities over cosmetics if you want to make your life easier. The GW2 Gem Store has grown into an enormous store, and there is always something for everyone.

Transmutation Charges

Transmutation Charges are new currency in Guild Wars 2. These can be obtained by logging in on the game’s official launch date and before 11:59 a.m. PST on April 3. There are other special offers on the promotions tab in the game. These bonuses may be redeemed for gems, Transmutation Charges, or a combination of both. There are many ways to earn Transmutation Charges, including daily login rewards.

In the past, these gems cost $10 each, but now you can get them for 30 cents each and use them on up to three characters. In addition, you can reskin legendary equipment at no cost. These gems can be traded for gold in the game’s currency exchange.

The monetization scheme in Guild Wars 2 is generous. While paid power advantages are absent, the game still offers conveniences like the Gem Store. You can also save gold by buying the Ultimate edition of the game, which is available for $80. This edition contains 4,000 gems, a boat skin, and a makeover kit.

Transmutation Charges are useful for modifying the appearance of your characters. They can also change their stats. You can use them to change the skin of your items or apply different skills. You can earn them from Daily Reward Chests or Achievement Chests. In addition to that, you can also use them to craft the Mystic Salvage Kit. Once you have enough, you can resell them to your friends.

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If you don’t have extra cash, you can buy Transmutation Charges through the GW2 Gem Store. These items will be delivered through the in-game mail system. They also make great gifts.

Bank Tab Expansion

If you’re looking for a way to increase your storage capacity in Guild Wars 2, the Bank Tab Expansion for Guild Wars 2 is a great option. The expansion expands your bank window’s slots by 30, which can significantly increase your storage capacity. When you have more slots, you can dump more gear onto them, which improves your game’s quality of life.

If you’re a first-time buyer of this MMO, you’re probably better off not buying the expansions. The game’s base game is completely free to play, but comes with a lot of restrictions, including no gold or gems. If you want to buy this expansion, you can do so through the game’s in-game store.

Another great feature is the Tradesman’s Package, which combines three services in one. This saves you time because you no longer have to teleport back to your bank. This allows you to change world channels more quickly, and you can share it with other players.

You can also buy a crafting licence to use on multiple characters. This is a great way to keep high-value items you buy in the gem store. It’s easy to fill these slots quickly. You can even store legendary crafting materials in your character’s inventory. This expansion also makes it easier to use the storage space in your bank. It’s a great way to expand your crafting capacity.

Tradesman’s Package

Guild Wars 2 has recently released a new gem store for the game. The gem store is where you can buy wares for your character. The items available in the gem store are mostly cosmetic upgrades, but you may also find some useful items. This sale will be valid only for seven days.

It is possible to obtain rare items from the gem store for very little money. This is great news for players who are struggling to level their characters. There are tons of cosmetics in the game, but you will need a lot of them to improve your character’s appearance. Unfortunately, this process can be time-consuming and expensive. To help you get the items you want at the lowest possible price, you can use the Tradesman’s Package.

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GW2 has a thriving economy and a vibrant marketplace. It’s one of the busiest games in the FTP genre. Besides gems, the game offers a wealth of items to collect and customize. If you’re new to Guild Wars 2, this sale can be a great way to jumpstart your character’s leveling.

While the Tradesman’s Package is a great deal, you should be aware that its contents would normally cost a total of 120 gems. This sale can help you buy a wide variety of items, including gear, skins, and mounts. These items are essential to your character’s progress, and it’s not always possible to get them individually.

Upgrade Extractors

There is a new tool in the game, Upgrade Extractor, which lets you remove sigils and runes from gear. It is also useful in removing rare crafting materials. This tool is available for 300 gems and costs just 10g per use. Unlike Black Lion Salvage kit, Upgrade Extractor does not destroy the gear it is attached to.

Upgrade Extractor can remove any type of upgrades, including infusions, from a single item. The tool works on both soulbound and tradeable equipment. When you use Upgrade Extractor, the upgraded item will be unbound, unless it was bound to your account. If you are using this tool on legendary equipment, the item will become account bound once the upgrade is extracted.

There are two main ways to monetize Guild Wars 2: through a premium currency or by selling certain items. In the latter case, you can spend real money on cosmetic items. However, it is important to note that some items are more useful than others. You should check the game’s FAQs to know which ones are worth buying and which ones are not.

Besides cosmetic items, players may also want to buy other items that are useful in the game. These items can give you cosmetic advantages, comfort, and convenience. But, players should not be fooled into thinking that these items will give them an unfair advantage. You should not buy items in the gem store unless you really need them.

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