Dying Light 2 Cheats

Dying Light cheats are very useful and easy to use. Here, we’ll take a look at the following codes: Docket, Safe, Combo, and Earning. Use these codes to get unlimited items and boost your gameplay. These cheats are also very effective in enhancing your overall score.

Docket codes

Dying Light offers players with the chance to get a Gold Tier Docket for free. These codes can be found on the official Dying Light website and they can be transferred into the game to receive your rewards. There are several ways to obtain these codes, which are listed below. Keep in mind that some of these codes may not be working at the moment.

The first way is to follow Techland on Twitter and subscribe to their push notifications. This will let you know when there are new docket codes available. This will save you a lot of time and help you in your game progress. These codes will help you get more items and unlock special items in Dying Light.

During major events, such as the launch of the game or a major expansion, Techland will often make Docket codes available. These codes will last for a week, so be sure to check them frequently. You will be able to find new codes on these sites as well.

If you don’t have access to an official website, you can always check out some forums and social media for the latest Dying Light Docket codes. You can also check out official game websites to find a list of updated codes for free. Once you have obtained a code, you can enter it into your game account on PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam. You can use the codes to purchase items, unlock wallpapers, and watch short videos about Dying Light 2.

Techland has released the list of available Docket codes for Dying Light and has promised to update it regularly. These codes will allow players to get more Gold Tier Dockets, wallpapers, and other bonus content. The list is constantly updated, so you can always check out the latest ones on Techland’s social media accounts.


Safes in Dying Light 2 can be found in the Downtown Zone and Bandit Camp. You must enter this code to open the safe. The combination is 973. The safe is located on the top floor, next to a broken mirror. The code is on a note that is near the safe.

There are 19 safes in the game. You can find the code by solving puzzles or reading notes, and sometimes by exploring the area. These codes are the same across playthroughs. After logging in to your Dying Light 2 account, you can try a few different numbers until you find the one you want.

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The Dying Light 2 safe is located in the Downtown zone. You can access this location after completing the Central Loop. It is next to the bandit camp, near the Military Airdrop, in a large building. You will need to enter this code to open the safe and obtain an Inhibitor.

The code for the safe is a combination of three numbers, a special weapon, and a special item. You can use the combination of these codes to open the safe in Dying Light 2. In order to open the safe, you must locate the two prisoners who are part of the reclaiming the Water Tower mission. If you can kill them both, you can unlock a side mission called Moonshine.


The Combo Code for Dying Light 2 is an in-game item that is used to access the Safes in the game. These Safes are found in the Garrison and are a part of the Broadcast quest. These Safes contain the Inhibitor. The code to open them is located on a poster behind a crate.

The safes in Dying Light 2 are made up of different types of safes. Some of them require codes, and others are written plainly. Some safe codes contain inhibitors and will increase your Health and Stamina. These safe codes are easy to find if you know where to look.

Combo codes can be obtained in many ways. The first method involves finding the safe code. The second method involves hacking the safes. You can also get the codes by completing certain quests. This way, you can avoid the hassle of hacking safes. A Dying Light 2 Combo Code will allow you to get more items and unlock safes faster than other methods.

The Combo Code for Dying Light 2 will allow you to open a safe that contains two C4 explosives. The safe is located in Muddy Grounds. You will have to enter the basement in order to open it. There are two prisoners inside. They are named Jack and Joe. These two characters are part of the mission “Reclaim the Water Tower.” After completing this mission, they will drop the code that will allow you to unlock a side quest called Moonshine.

The Combo Code for Dying Light 2 can be obtained in two ways. The first method involves using the Safe Code. It is a secret that will allow you to open safes in the game. You can get this code by solving a puzzle, reading notes, and exploring the environment. These codes are usually found in the depths of interior buildings, and are the same for all playthroughs.

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Earning combos

Earning combos in Dying Light 2 is a great way to level up faster. It gives you more power and is a good way to get better rewards. This game has a great reward system, thanks to Inhibitors and collectables. You can earn them by doing certain activities like killing enemies or getting a certain amount of experience. This game also has a very interesting mechanic that allows you to use safe codes to get these rewards.

In order to unlock codes and other bonuses in Dying Light 2, you must know where to find them. Some of them are hidden in safes, while others are easily visible. Some of them are simple to crack, while others are a little more difficult. You can find notes with code clues on them, or you can use the full combination to unlock them. This process can take hours, so be prepared to do some maths and treasure hunting!

Getting premium dockets

If you’re looking for ways to get premium dockets for Dying Light, you have a couple options. The first option is to use an online gaming community to get premium docket codes. These are codes that you can use to get new items for your character. You can also visit the Dying Light website to redeem them.

Another option is to buy Dying Light’s new expansion, which includes 42 docket codes. These are like coupons that can be used to get new items and weapons. You can see a full list of all the available codes on the Dying Light website. Once you have them, you can transfer them into the game and exchange them for new weapons. Using these codes will unlock 16 Standard Weapons, 19 Premium Weapons, and eight Community Weapons.

Another option is to go to the Dying Light Reddit community. This website is a great place to find new premium docket codes for the game. There are many people who post these codes to the Dying Light Reddit page, and you can use these to earn more in the game.

You can also check the official website for new Docket Codes periodically. Sometimes these codes are updated with new special events, so you might want to check back regularly. The official website also has a Discord channel that allows people to share their codes. These codes are extremely hard to find, but they’re out there.

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