Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Apocalypse Game Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Apocalypse Game Review

The team behind Black Ops 2 is getting ready to release Apocalypse later this month. This new expansion is an opportunity for them to pay homage to the original game’s roots and show that they’ve taken the feedback from the community into consideration. In the video below, the team shows that they’ve taken notes on what the community wanted and incorporated them into Apocalypse.


One of the multiplayer maps in Black Ops 2 Apocalyse is Takeoff. A remake of Black Ops Stadium, this map takes place on a rig in the Pacific Ocean. It features an asymmetric layout with elevated positions and a variety of routes. As its name implies, it’s a tough map with some strategic challenges for its players. It also punishes careless players, particularly in the central area of the map. There are also spawn camps and surprise attacks in this map, so players will need to be wary.

The new multiplayer map Takeoff makes its debut in Call of Duty: Black Ops II Apocalypse, a DLC map pack that adds four new multiplayer maps. Players can choose to play in a multiplayer mode on one of these maps, or in a cooperative match where you must work together to take down your opponents. Takeoff is a remake of Stadium in the original Black Ops, while Dig is a remake of the Courtyard map from Call of Duty: World at War.

Takeoff encourages players to play a variety of roles, including snipers and assaulters. For example, snipers should focus on taking down targets from balconies or elevated areas while assaulters should focus on keeping the firefight going in the launch center corridor and fountain area. Meanwhile, SMGs and shotguns should focus on learning the flanking routes that are found in the launch center and the northern section of the map.


The multiplayer map Pod in Black Ops 2 Apocolypse is a post-apocalyptic map modeled after a failed utopian society. The map is largely flat with few elevated spots and a naturalistic feel. While many maps in Call of Duty embrace the three-lane philosophy, Pod is more segmented.

While Pod isn’t a bad map, it’s not the most appealing map in the DLC pack. The map is ugly, has poor verticality, and plays poorly. This is a map for snipers and short-range players.

Apocalypse features two brand-new maps: Pod and Frost. Pod is set in an abandoned Taiwanese city with pod houses scattered throughout. Players can battle in these pods or in larger structures. Frost is set in a snow-covered European city, complete with a frozen canal and bridge to either side of the map.

While Frost is a close combat map, Pod offers plenty of sniping opportunities. The bridge on the map is a death trap, so avoiding the bridge is a good idea. The map’s design also allows players to take cover in pods, which is a great tactical advantage, but the majority of the action is out in the open.

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Origins quest

The Origins quest is a large zombie level set in the country side of France. It features four of the original heroes from the Call of Duty: World at War. As you progress through the quest, you’ll find power generators that need to be manually charged. Once you’ve reached level six, you’ll be chased by a large figure known as the Big Daddy.

There’s also a new co-op Zombies adventure in “Origins” that can improve your scores. Unlike the previous Black Ops games, the new mode features a new Zombies map. This mode is a great way to get more experience and score higher.

The new game mode has a new look and feel. While many of the old characters from the Zombies maps are back, new characters are introduced in the Zombies mode. You can also find an armored flamethrower zombie and four new Wonder Weapons, which will allow you to take down zombies more effectively.

Multiplayer maps

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Apocalypses multiplayer maps are reminiscent of previous games, but with a new twist. In addition to the usual combat arenas, players will find two new maps in the new title: Pod and Frost. Pod is set in an abandoned cliffside city in Taiwan, and features pod-like homes scattered across the city, as well as larger structures. Players can battle from pods in the central area, as well as from elevated platforms.

Multiplayer maps in Black Ops 2 Apotalypse are designed to be played on different types of platforms. Whether players are playing in single-player or cooperatively, you can always switch to another map for a more varied experience. There’s even a map specifically designed for Zombie lovers – “Origins.”

Black Ops 2’s multiplayer maps are a big part of its gameplay, so you’ll need to find a good place to play. The four new maps will be available on Xbox LIVE on August 27th, and PC and PSN later.

Takeoff map

Takeoff is a remake of the Black Ops Stadium map from the first DLC pack, and features an asymmetric layout and elevated positions. Like Stadium, this map punishes careless players who stand in the central area, where a rocket is waiting for takeoff. Players should be wary of spawn campers and surprise attacks in this location.

While this map is reminiscent of Stadium, the layout of the new version feels more familiar. For instance, the Takeoff map is set in a snowy European city. Another new map is the Dig, which is based on World at War’s Courtyard. Moreover, the Zombies level Origins features a 1,000-foot robot and a wintry version of World War I-era France.

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Those who enjoy multiplayer games will enjoy the new content included in Black Ops 2 Apocalyse. This fourth map pack will feature four new multiplayer maps, as well as a new zombie campaign. “Takeoff” is a remake of Stadium from the original Black Ops, while “Dig” takes inspiration from the Courtyard map from Call of Duty: World at War. The new maps are expected to be available on Xbox LIVE on August 27. The game will also be available on PC and PlayStation 3.

The Pod map, on the other hand, looks more like a post-apocalyptic setting. The map features “pods,” housing units, and structures reminiscent of a failed utopian society. While pods provide a tactical advantage, most of the action takes place out in the open.

Bug fixes

A recent update to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has brought some bug fixes and additional features. The new patch addresses zombie and map bugs and adds a new event called Outbreak. This new game mode features a different zombie map, and players will be able to try out maps that are not usually part of the multiplayer rotation. Another major change that’s part of this update is the addition of a new multiplayer map, Apocalypse 25/7. It includes Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint modes.

Players are no longer able to earn Medals for multi-kills. Additionally, players can no longer get the Master Wizard achievement when spectating. Several minor map changes have been made, as well. The Death Machine and Dragonfire weapons now have higher three-hit kill ranges. The Lodestar’s AOE radius has also been reduced. In addition, the Type25 now has a smaller maximum hip fire spread.

The Apocalypse Onslaught map is now available on PlayStation. In the previous version, Manglers would not attack players who stood in certain areas. The update also fixes an audio issue with the Reaper’s footstep sound. Finally, the game has general stability improvements.

Players will no longer get stuck on an invisible collision near the exit of a building in Uplink. Additionally, players will no longer be able to dive into a downed plane. A new collision system has also been implemented for the Sentry Gun. Lastly, the Sentry Gun will no longer target enemies that pass through the door of Lift 4C. This fix will also affect the way the Sentry Gun looks when it’s aimed at the Visitor Center and Control Room.

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