Often, mini-games are the most fun adventures online, offering various tasks collected under one name. In just one collection, you can play at least 6, at least 100 different games! We have all genres, including arcade, sports, and strategy. Challenge your friends, oppose artificial intelligence or compete for a while. We have so many available Mini Games that you can play for the same game twice in a row for hours on end. The level of combinations is almost limitless!

Our Mini Games collection is represented by a very wide range of gaming opportunities. We have games for all types of players, from classical variations to modern ones. In one collection, you can play “Futurecade”! There, you will admire the neon colors of graphics and futuristic miracles under the influence of alien intervention. Overcome the strain of the virus in the bacteriological laboratory, kill the robo-lobsters, and control the motions of the clouds as you wish! In other Mini Games, you will play with animals, racing cars, and solve puzzles.